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Viitala, S.M., Jääskeläinen, A.J., Kelo, E., Sirola, H., Moilanen, K., Suni, J., Vaheri, A., Vapalahti, O., Närvänen, A.; Surface-activated microtiter-plate microarray for simultaneous CRP quantification and viral antibody detection; Diagnostic Microbiology and Infectious Disease 2013, 75(2), pp. 174-179.

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Tissari P, Zumla A, Tarkka E, Mero S, Savolainen L, Vaara M, Aittakorpi A, Laakso S, Lindfors M, Piiparinen H, Mäki M, Carder C, Huggett J, Gant V; Accurate and rapid identification of bacterial species from positive blood cultures with a DNA-based microarray platform: an observational study;The Lancet 2010, 9719: vol 375. Request for e-copy:

Järvinen AK, Laakso S, Piiparinen P, Aittakorpi A, Lindfors M, Huopaniemi L, Piiparinen H, Mäki M;Rapid identification of bacterial pathogens using a PCR- and microarray-based assay; BMC Microbiol. 2009 Aug 10;9(1):161. Read here.

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Scientific Meetings

E.K. Allen, A. Pitkaranta, M. Mäki, J.O. Hendley, S. Laakso, R.B. Turner, M.M. Sale, B. Winther;Profiles of bacteria in nasal lavage fluid by PCR and microarray during experimental Human Rhinovirus Type 39 infection; ICAAC 2011, Chicago, US. Download poster here.

S. Laakso, M. Mäki; Evaluation of automated DNA extraction devices for sepsis diagnostics; ECCMID 2011, Milan, Italy. Download poster here.

A. Aittakorpi, P. Kuusela, P. Koukila-Kähkölä, M. Vaara, M. Petrou, V. Gant, M. Mäki; Rapid identification of yeast species by the PCR- and microarray-based Prove-it™ Sepsis; ECCMID 2011, Milan, Italy. Download poster here.

E. Allais, S. Boisset, A.M. Freydière, T. Ferry, S. Lustig, J. Etienne, S. Tigaud, F. Vandenesch, F. Laurent; Usefulness of a microarray method for the diagnosis of bone and joint infections (BJIs) directly on clinical samples: a new application of Prove-it™ Sepsis; ECCMID 2010, Vienna, Austria. Download poster here.

Moilanen K, Häkkinen M, Cannon G, Kauppinen J, Lienhard R, Tritten ML, Mannonen L, Lappalainen M, Vainionpää R, Järvinen AK; Performance Evaluation of PCR and Microarray-Based Assay for Rapid Herpesvirus Diagnostics; J Clin Virol 2009, Vol 46, Sup 1, p S53, Sept 2009 12th ESCV, Istanbul, Turkey. Download poster here.

Tissari P, Tarkka E, Mero S, Savolainen L, Martti Vaara M, Zumla A, Huggett J, Carder C, Gant V, Aittakorpi A, Laakso S, Lindfors M, Kumlin N, Piiparinen H, Mäki M; Performance evaluation and further development of PCR and microarray-based Prove-it™ Sepsis assay; Sepsis and Multiorgan Dysfunction congress Sept 9-12, 2009; Weimar, Germany. Download poster here.

Tissari P, Mero S, Savolainen L, Tarkka E, Vaara M, Aittakorpi, Laakso S, Lindfors M, Piiparinen H, Mäki M, Carder C, Huggett J, Gant V; The Mobidiag Prove-it™ Sepsis PCR and microarray platform: a 2 centre study evaluating performance for speciation of blood culture bacterial isolates within 3 hours; 19th ECCMID May 16-19, 2009; Helsinki, Finland. Download poster here.

Järvinen AK, Laakso S, Aittakorpi A, Piiparinen P, Lindfors M, Huopaniemi L, Piiparinen H, Mäki M;Rapid identification of sepsis-causing pathogens with polymerase chain reaction and microarray-based assay; Critical Care 2008, 12(Suppl 5):P27, 18 Nov 2008, Sepsis 2008, Granada, Spain. Download poster here.