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Mobidiag implements high throughput manufacturing lines to answer growing needs for Novodiag® cartridges

Published on 05 Mar 2018

Through the implementation of cutting-edge production lines from Ginolis, Mobidiag will be able to answer growing needs in molecular diagnostics for routine use and anticipate the production of upcoming Novodiag® test cartridges.

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Mobidiag launches Novodiag®, a new diagnostic solution for infectious diseases

Published on 03 Jan 2018

Mobidiag launches Novodiag®, a fully automated solution for syndromic and targeted testing of infectious diseases, supporting limitation of antibiotic use.


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Mobidiag Signs Agreement with Interlux for the Distribution of Amplidiag® Diagnostic Tests and Instrument in Estonia

Published on 23 Nov 2017

Mobidiag Ltd today announced a distribution agreement with Interlux OÜ, supplier of technologies for medicine, science and biotechnology industry. Under this agreement, Interlux becomes the exclusive distributor of the Amplidiag® product line in Estonia, in vitro diagnostic tests and compatible instrument for the detection of gastrointestinal infections.

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