Amplidiag® Easy

CE-IVD. For in vitro diagnostic use.

All Amplidiag® products are designed for high-volume screening purposes. In many cases, automation of the workflow is important to minimize the amount of hands-on time and enhance the analysis process. Amplidiag Easy automates the nucleic acid extraction and PCR plate setup for all Amplidiag products.

It decreases the hands-on time for processing the samples and is also much faster than with other nucleic acid extraction / pipetting robot solutions. Due to the design, rapidity and ease-of-use of Amplidiag Easy, it allows processing of several batches in a day to generate results faster than with any high-volume nucleic acid screening solution available.

See Amplidiag® Easy video

  • Automated processing of stool samples from primary tubes to PCR plate
  • Executes full workflow from sample to pipetted PCR plate for multiplex real-time PCR analysis – reliably and consistently
  • One platform for nearly all stool testing purposes
  • Fast - 48 samples in 1.5 hour
  • Well-suited for high-throughput processing of stool samples
  • Amplidiag® Bacterial GE
  • Amplidiag® C. difficile+027
  • Amplidiag® H. pylori+ClariR
  • Amplidiag® CarbaR+VRE
  • Amplidiag® Stool Parasites
  • Amplidiag® Viral GE

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