Prove-it® products are rapid, DNA-based high-multiplex assays utilizing PCR and microarray technologies. Results are provided in an unambiguous and user-friendly way with Prove-it Advisor software.

Prove-it StripArray System

The Prove-it StripArray System is used for the detection and analysis of the results of Prove-it StripArray assays. In addition, all the Prove-it products and applications with TubeArray platform are fully operational with the StripArray System.

The Prove-it StripArray System includes a reader device with an embedded computer and barcode readers, the Prove-it Advisor for StripArray System software solution and a screen, mouse, and keyboard.

Prove-it TubeArray System

The Prove-it TubeArray System is used for the detection and analysis of the Prove-it TubeArray assays.

The Prove-it TubeArray System includes a compact reader device, a laptop computer with the Prove-it Advisor software solution developed specifically to be used with Prove-it assays, and a barcode reader for the identification of the TubeArrays.