Our goal is to develop innovative molecular solutions to advance the diagnosis of infectious diseases and antibiotic resistances.

Mobidiag is a commercial stage, fast-growing Finnish-French biotechnology company, specializing in the development and marketing of innovative diagnostic solutions for Gastrointestinal Infections, Antimicrobial Resistance Management and Hospital Associated Infections (HAIs).

With its broad range of tests and instruments based on well-established qPCR and microarray technologies, Mobidiag offers a comprehensive range of fast, reliable and cost-effective molecular diagnostic solutions for the detection of infectious diseases, including most clinically relevant bacteria, parasites, viruses and antibiotic resistances. adapted to laboratories of all sizes.

Established in 2000, Mobidiag has served the European clinical diagnostics market with its multiplex Prove-it™ product family since 2008. In 2013, Mobidiag (Finland) merged with a diagnostic platform developer Genewave (France) and a stool-based clinical assay development company Amplidiag (Finland), complementing our capabilities and offering comprehensive industry-leading diagnostic solutions. Combining expertise in sales, marketing, business, molecular diagnostics, microbiology, software development, bioinformatics, biochemistry and engineering, Mobidiag is able to manufacture and commercialise its own proprietary solutions: Amplidiag® and Novodiag®.

Our mission at Mobidiag

At Mobidiag we work to address the unmet need for high information-density, affordable molecular diagnostic tools to enable the rapid treatment and triage of patients at the point of impact. We want to improve the quality and efficiency of healthcare and aid in the combat against spreading and emerging antimicrobial resistances. Our multi-disciplinary team of experts is dedicated to serving this mission and we work closely with distinguished clinical, academic and industrial partners to deliver the most relevant and highest-value solutions to our customers throughout the world.