Addressing the challenges of infectious disease testing and other areas of unmet diagnostic need such as antibiotic resistance

Mobidiag is a commercial stage, fast-growing Finnish-French biotechnology company, offering innovative molecular diagnostics. We specialise in the development and marketing of fast, reliable and cost-effective molecular innovative diagnostic solutions for  Gastrointestinal InfectionsAntimicrobial Resistance Management, Hospital Associated Infections (HAIs), Respiratory Infections (including COVID-19) and Sepsis.

A word from Mobidiag CEO, Tuomas Tenkanen:

"At Mobidiag, we are addressing a significant global health challenge while offering innovative molecular diagnostics:

Tuomas Tenkanen Mobidiag CEO


  • The global demand for diagnosing infectious diseases is increasing. However available diagnostic solutions do not fully meet the current needs of clinical laboratories and the health care industry.
  • The alarming rise of antimicrobial resistance (AMR): by 2050, 10 million people could die each year due to the spread of multidrug resistant organisms ("superbacteria") and the lack of treatment available, which is more than the current rates for cancer and diabetes combined (1).
  • Traditional diagnostic methods are generally cheap but time-consuming, labour intensive and lacking in sensitivity, while new molecular diagnostic solutions are fast and easy to use, but expensive. This obvious gap in the market is the space which Mobidiag aims to fill.
  • In addition to this, infectious diseases represent a large portion of the current market given the re-emergence of infectious threats.

(1) Tackling drug-resistant infections globally: Final report and Recommendations, Review on Antimicrobial Resistance 2014-2016


The investors page aims at presenting Mobidiag achievements and performances.  In addition, it will bring you further insights on our core business in the field of in vitro diagnostics. Feel free to browse through the available material.

If you have any questions,  contact us and we would be more than happy to discuss latest Corporate highlights and Mobidiag's positioning in offering innovative molecular diagnostics .


17/06: Hologic Completes Acquisition of Mobidiag

08/04: Mobidiag to Be Acquired by Hologic, Innovator in Women’s Health Diagnostic Testing, for Approximately €668 Million

01/03: Mobidiag receives CE-IVD for Amplidiag® RESP-4 for simultaneous detection of COVID-19, Flu A, Flu B and RSV


16/06: Mobidiag Receives Second Tranche of €25M Financing from EIB

02/06: Mobidiag offers complete diagnostic solution for the detection of novel coronavirus infections with both PCR and antibody tests

20/04: Novodiag® COVID-19, a fully automated molecular diagnostic test, granted emergency use authorization in Finland for novel coronavirus

14/04: Amplidiag COVID-19 molecular diagnostic test granted emergency use authorization in Finland for novel coronavirus

10/02: Development of Novodiag® assay for safe and easy molecular testing of novel coronavirus and influenza viruses

07/01: Mobidiag Secures Additional Funding from Business Finland for Rapid Sepsis Diagnostic Test


11/12: Mobidiag Symposium on Innovative Molecular Diagnostics to be held for Third year at RICAI Annual Meeting

10/12: Mobidiag Appoints Joseph Bernardo as Senior Strategic Advisor

09/10: New Novodiag® Stool Parasites test allows rapid, accurate and cost-effective molecular testing for gastrointestinal infections

01/07: Mobidiag signs exclusive agreement with Pro Med Diagnostics for the distribution of Amplidiag® and Novodiag® diagnostic solutions in Africa

03/06: Mobidiag announces launch of Automobi Molecular Diagnostics

14/05: Mobidiag secures EUR 25 million from European Investment Bank

19/03: Mobidiag to attend the 29th European Congress of Clinical Microbiology & Infectious Diseases in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

25/02: Mobidiag signs multiple international agreements for distribution of its Amplidiag and Novodiag diagnostic solutions

04/02: Mobidiag announces completion of €10m equity investment from Autobio Diagnostics

07/01: New Novodiag CarbaR+ test allows rapid cost-effective molecular testing for superbacteria and associated drug resistance


17/12: Mobidiag Announces Joint Venture with Autobio Diagnostics and €10m equity investment

15/11: Mobidiag Receives Final €4M Tranche of €15M EIB Financing

29/05: Mobidiag Secures Additional Funding From Business Finland For Development Of Rapid Sepsis Diagnostics Test Directly From Blood

24/05: Mobidiag Secures Additional €4 Million in Capital Increase with Springvest´s Public Financing Round

19/04: Mobidiag Announces Release of Amplidiag CarbaR+MCR a Multiplex PCR Test for Molecular Detection of Antibiotic Resistances

14/04: Novodiag Bacterial GE+, a new diagnostic test for on-demand detection of bacterial pathogens

05/03: Mobidiag implements high throughput manufacturing lines to answer growing needs for Novodiag cartridges

03/01: Novodiag® launch, a new diagnostic solution for infectious diseases


21/12: Novodiag® launch, a new diagnostic solution for infectious diseases

23/11: Mobidiag Signs Agreement with Interlux for the Distribution of Amplidiag® Diagnostic Tests and Instruments in Estonia

26/06: Mobidiag Announces Release of Amplidiag Viral GE a Multiplex PCR Test to Detect Gastrointestinal Viruses Directly from Stool Samples

30/05: Mobidiag Extends Distribution Agreement with PerkinElmer to Offer Amplidiag Diagnostics Products in African Countries and Israel

18/04: Mobidiag Secures Additional 3,99 Million Euros from Kansalaisrahoitus’ Public Financing Round

06/04: Mobidiag Signs Agreement with AB ANALITICA for the Distribution of Amplidiag® Diagnostic Tests and Instruments in Italy

27/03: Mobidiag Pursues its Growth with New Offices in United Kingdom and Appoints Stuart Cranmer as Managing Director

15/03: Mobidiag Granted Patents Covering the Method and related Kit for Detecting Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria

23/01: Mobidiag Announces Release of Amplidiag Easy, a Proprietary Molecular extraction and PCR Setup System Allowing Automation of Multiplex PCR directly from Stool Samples

17/01: Mobidiag to Offer Amplidiag® Diagnostics Products in South Africa


04/10: Mobidiag Announces Agency Agreement with YouMed for the Commercialization of its molecular diagnostic product line Amplidiag in UK

26/09: Mobidiag Signs Agreement with Bioportugal Quimica Farmaceutica Lda for Distribution of Amplidiag in Portugal

05/09: Mobidiag Extends Agreement with Biomedica Medizinprodukte for Distribution of Amplidiag in Central and Eastern Europe

29/08: Mobidiag Announces Release of Amplidiag Stool Parasites

14/07: Mobidiag Secures 15 Million Euros from EIB to Accelerate the Launch of its Novodiag Platform and Suite of In Vitro Diagnostic Tests

23/06: Mobidiag_Announces_Distribution_Agreement_with_Isogen_Life_Science