Mobidiag Management Team

Our management team consists of experts in the field of corporate management, sales and business development, R&D of assays and instruments, software development, etc. With many years of combined experience in the field of in vitro diagnostics, each team member has developed a wide network of key opinion leaders and strong relationships with potential high value partners.
At Mobidiag, many management team members have been involved in the company prior to the 2013 merger between Mobidiag, Amplidiag, and Genewave, sharing a common history, perpetuating a priceless company culture and building up on experience-based strategy throughout the years.

Mr. Tuomas Tenkanen

Serial entrepreneur and business and research professional with more than 25 years of experience from leadership positions in high-tech life science companies.

Mr. Juha Kirveskari, MD
Director, Assay Development

Medical doctor and clinical microbiology specialist with a remarkable industrial career in research and development of diagnostics for infectious diseases.

Mr. Antti Ojala
Chief Financial Officer

Master’s degrees in both economy and engineering and previous employments both as CEO and CFO.

Mr. Miquel Vernet
Chief Commercial Officer

Pharmacist with long background in diagnostics and strong expertise in leading global marketing and sales activities.

Mobidiag Platform development director Yann Marcy

Mr. Yann Marcy, Ph.D.
President Mobidiag France, R&D Director, Platform Development

Ph.D. in molecular biology and multidisciplinary background in physics and biology to lead platform development.

Mrs. Laura Huopaniemi, Ph.D.
Director, Production

Ph.D. in molecular biology and extensive expertise in the development, manufacture and commercialization of diagnostic products.

Mrs. Minna Koivula
Director, Corporate Strategy and Legal

M.Sc. (Tech) with deep experience in business development, project management, market and technology intelligence, IP and legal.

Mr. Timo Soininen
Director, Quality & Regulatory Affairs

M.Sc. and life science professional with strong expertise from both research and diagnostic companies regarding quality, regulatory and production.

Mr. Jukka Ahonen
Director, Software Development

Long experience of software design, software development and team management.

Mr. Kari Kataja
Director, Business Development

M.Sc. (Tech) with long and versatile experience in diagnostics and life science business including financing, sales, marketing, product management and research.