Development of Novodiag® assay for safe and easy molecular testing of novel coronavirus and influenza viruses

Novodiag® assay rapidly detects coronavirus and influenzas;
provides safety for users with a closed system;
easy to use with no need for highly trained personnel in high risk and hard to reach areas

Mobidiag Ltd. today announces that it has initiated development of a Novodiag® molecular diagnostic test for the rapid and simultaneous detection of the novel coronavirus (strain 2019-nCoV) and influenza viruses.

The assay is being developed in partnership with Autobio Diagnostics (Autobio), the market leading Chinese clinical diagnostics company, and Automobi Molecular Diagnostics (Automobi), the joint venture launched by Mobidiag and Autobio in May 2019.

The new Novodiag® test will operate using a rapid ‘sample-in, result-out’ system, allowing the rapid detection of both novel coronavirus and influenzas in around 30 minutes. In addition, the fully automated system protects laboratory staff and healthcare providers from possible contamination. The user-friendly nature of the system will mean that the Novodiag® platform can be delivered to and will be targeted for use in high risk and hard to reach areas without the need for highly trained personnel.

Tuomas Tenkanen, CEO of Mobidiag, said, “It is vital that molecular diagnostics solutions be utilized to fight back against novel coronavirus which has emerged as a significant threat to health across the world. Our new Novodiag® assay will uniquely offer rapid and fully automated molecular profiling to simultaneously detect novel coronavirus and common influenza strains and guide clinicians more quickly towards moving patients to efficient isolation measures and make better-informed treatment decisions, in situations where time is critical.”

“Our partner Autobio’s understanding of the developing situation in China, combined with our in-house expertise and flexibility of the Novodiag® platform, means we are well positioned to develop an effective diagnostic solution for such a global health emergency. Regulators around the world have recognized the need to expedite responses to the diagnosis and treatment of novel coronavirus and we intend to bring our test to market as rapidly as possible.”

Fu Guangyu, Director of Autobio and General Manager of Automobi, said, “To control the spread of 2019-nCov as soon as possible, a rapid, safe, and accurate etiological diagnosis technique is of paramount need. We are delighted that Mobidiag will use its expertise and know-how to develop an assay that can be used on the Novodiag® platform at this critical time. Autobio and Automobi will work closely with Mobidiag by sharing relevant technology, experience, resources and information in order to ensure we make a meaningful impact in the fight against the spread of 2019-nCov.”

The development of this new assay highlights the broad flexibility and applicability of the Novodiag® platform which combines real-time PCR and microarray technologies to allow for single to high-plex (100+) diagnostics, enabling future applications in areas such as infectious diseases, sepsis and oncology. It conducts comprehensive screening of multiple or single pathogens within approximately one hour, helping to deliver early treatments to patients and avoid the spread of infection.

About Autobio

Autobio Diagnostics Co., Ltd was established in 1998 and has become one of the largest and fastest growing clinical diagnostics companies in China. Autobio specialises in research & development, production, marketing and service of clinical diagnostic products, especially immunoassay, microbiology and biochemical products. Autobio provides comprehensive solutions for medical laboratories. Autobio was listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange on September 1st, 2016.

Autobio has more than 3700 staff and is headquartered in Zhengzhou, China. To learn more, visit


About AutoMobi

Automobi Molecular Diagnostic Co., Ltd., was jointly established by Autobio and Mobidiag in China in May 2019. It is mainly engaged in the development, sales and after-sales services of molecular diagnostic products. Automobi commercialises a series of molecular diagnostic products in the Greater China territory based on the Novodiag® technology platform, and comprehensively screens multiple pathogens or single pathogens within one hour, which can meet the needs of all large and medium-sized laboratories through to grass-roots on-site testing.

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