High-performance enzymes and master mixes

High-performance enzymes and master mixes developed by Mobidiag experts with more than 20 years of experience


High-performance enzymes and master mixes are developed in-house by Mobidiag’s laboratory experts with over 20 years experience. Same components are included in Mobidiag’s Amplidiag® and Novodiag® diagnostics kits meeting most stringent quality and performance requirements.

Now available for life science researchers’ use. Enjoy the quality and performance you can trust!

These products are for research use only (RUO) and are available through Mobidiag or local distributors.

Robustness and high fidelity to amplify your most challenging targets

S7 Fusion Polymerase™

S7 Fusion Polymerase™ is a high-fidelity DNA polymerase that offers extraordinary performance in PCR applications. The polymerase is fused to the processivity enhancing Sso7d domain from Sulfolobus solfataricus, making S7 Fusion Polymerase™ one of the fastest and most robust PCR polymerases on the market. S7 used with HF buffer provides best fidelity and with GC buffer best robustness with very good fidelity over a variety of conditions. The polymerase possesses a 3’ -> 5’ exonuclease (proofreading) activity and it generates blunt ends in PCR.

For research use only (RUO)

Enzymes haute performance et master mix

High-performance ready-to-use hot-start master mix

Amplidiag® Multiplex PCR Master Mix

Amplidiag® Multiplex PCR Master Mix (2x) is a concentrated high-performance ready-to-use master mix. The master mix has been optimized for high sensitivity and specificity in both multiplex and singleplex real-time PCR and PCR assays. Amplidiag® Multiplex PCR Master Mix (2x) has extremely low level of residual DNA, making it an unsurpassed solution for challenging applications. The Master Mix comes with Mobidiag’s proprietary Taq DNA polymerase and utilizes antibody-based hot-start technology with very low residual activity before the initial denaturation step, thus increasing the specificity of the PCR.

For research use only (RUO)