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Mobidiag develops and provides innovative solutions for in vitro diagnostics of infectious diseases. Mobidiag’s products bring molecular diagnostics to an era, where improved diagnostics is accessible and affordable, without making compromises. The Amplidiag® product line comprises products for gastrointestinal pathogens and antibiotic resistances and utilizes well-established multiplex real-time PCR technology for optimal performance. The upcoming Novodiag® platform will complement Mobidiag’s portfolio by combining unique technological innovations packed into an integrated, fully automated diagnostic system, enabling new opportunities and new markets for molecular diagnostics.

About Us

Headquartered in Espoo, Finland, Mobidiag is a biotechnology company specializing in developing and marketing novel, innovative solutions for molecular diagnostics of infectious diseases. Mobidiag develops cutting-edge diagnostic platforms and test kits. Our mission is to address the unmet need for high information-density, affordable molecular diagnostic tools to enable the rapid treatment and triage of patients at the point of impact. We want to improve the quality and efficiency of healthcare and aid in the combat against spreading and emerging antimicrobial resistances. Our multi-disciplinary team of experts is dedicated to serving this mission and making an impact.