Mobidiag, A Hologic Company develops and provides molecular diagnostics for infectious diseases and antibiotic resistances.
Our goal is to make in vitro diagnostics fast, accurate and accessible to improve quality and efficiency of healthcare systems, help prevent the spreading of antibiotic resistances and create new opportunities for implementing diagnostics in routine.
At Mobidiag, we have harnessed our existing technologies and expertise to rapidly develop and supply molecular diagnostic tests for coronavirus . As a result, we offer a complete solution for COVID-19 infection (targeted and syndromic) suited for all laboratory needs and capacities.

Automated and on demand testing with Novodiag - Molecular diagnostic for infectious diseases

Novodiag® is providing rapid and sensitive on-demand results. With its wide panel offer, the fully automated Novodiag platform is ideal for complementing high-throughput screening solutions for immediate detection of infectious diseases when time-to-result is critical.
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Automated and batch testing with Amplidiag - Molecular diagnostic for infectious diseases

Amplidiag® is a family of diagnostic tests for high-volume screening of infectious diseases and antibiotic resistances. Take the Amplidiag amplification kits even further by automating the workflow from primary sample to final result with Amplidiag® Easy.
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At Mobidiag, we work in cross-functional projects to bring the most innovative molecular diagnostics for infectious diseases to the market. At the same time,, we constantly share our knowledge and learn from each other. We appreciate diversity and believe it should be at the heart of our teams. As a result, we aim at recruiting people from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences. Overall, our employees are driven by hard work and an excellent team spirit. Are you ready to become a MOBILIEVER?


Tests and instruments from Mobidiag are available throughout Europe and the Middle East. If you are interested in learning more about the company and our products focusing on molecular diagnostics for infectious diseases, please contact us. We are here to support you in your everyday lab work!

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