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About Mobidiag

Mobidiag is a biotechnology company specializing in developing and marketing novel, innovative solutions for molecular diagnostics of infectious diseases. Established in 2000, Mobidiag has served the European clinical diagnostics market with its multiplex Prove-it™ product family since 2008. In 2013, Mobidiag merged with a diagnostic platform developer Genewave and a stool-based clinical assay development company Amplidiag, complementing our capabilities in developing and offering industry-leading diagnostic solutions and solidifying our position in the field of molecular diagnostics.

Mobidiag’s new Amplidiag® product line encompasses innovative multiplex diagnostic tests for gastrointestinal infections. The products use well-established multiplex real-time PCR technology, ensuring optimal performance, suitability for high-volume screening use and cost-effectiveness in mid-sized to large laboratory settings. Mobidiag’s new Novodiag® platform will set a new benchmark to automated, integrated molecular diagnostics.

Our mission is to address the unmet need for high information-density, affordable molecular diagnostic tools to enable the rapid treatment and triage of patients at the point of impact. We want to improve the quality and efficiency of healthcare and aid in the combat against spreading and emerging antimicrobial resistances. Our multi-disciplinary team of experts is dedicated to serving this mission and making an impact, and we work closely with distinguished clinical, academic and industrial partners to deliver highest-value solutions to our customers throughout the world.

Why Mobidiag?

  • Our innovative solutions help in diagnosing infectious diseases and fighting against spreading and emerging antimicrobial resistances
  • Our products offer faster, more reliable and more accessible molecular testing from the smallest decentralized unit to the largest centralized laboratories
  • We help hospitals, laboratories and clinics of various sizes to streamline their operations and processes and to use their resources more efficiently for the benefit of the patient
  • We combine unique technologies in bringing automated and integrated diagnostic solutions combining ease-of-use with uncompromised performance
  • We aim to bring molecular diagnostics to the point-of-impact – where results matter most
  • Our new technologies and solutions open opportunities for taking automated molecular diagnostics to entirely new markets
  • By creating new game-changing products and solutions we are paving the way for better care

Mr. Tuomas Tenkanen
Chief Executive Officer

Tuomas Tenkanen is a business and research professional with more than 25 years of experience from leadership positions in high-tech life science companies.  He served as the Director of R&D at Finnzymes Oy. Finnzymes Oy was one of the leading PCR technology companies, acquired by Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. in 2010. Tuomas Tenkanen has led many PCR based technology projects including the development of Phusion™ DNA polymerase, Piko™ PCR cyclers and UTW™ Ultra Thin Wall reaction vessels. Tuomas Tenkanen has completed his M.Sc. at the Helsinki University of Technology. He has been a visiting scientist at New England Biolabs (Beverly, MA) at 1988-1989.

Board of Directors

Mr. Rabbe Klemets
Chairman of the Board

Mr. Klemets holds board positions in many life science companies and is the CEO of Next Biomed Technologies Oy. He has held many executive positions, including President of Life Science Division at EG/G Inc. and CEO of Raisio Inc.

Mr. Göran Pettersson
Vice Chairman

Mr. Pettersson holds several directorships in pharmaceutical and medical technology companies and has held leading positions with Astra Group, KabiVitrum, Pharmacia/Pharmacia & Upjohn.

Mr. Jean de Gunzburg, PhD
Board Member

Dr. de Gunzburg is a renowned researcher in the field of medical biotechnology with 35 years of research, venture investment and entrepreneurship experience. He is currently the CSO of Da Volterra.

Mr. Pekka Mattila
Board Member

Mr. Mattila holds board positions in many life science companies and is the CEO of Desentum Oy. He is one of the founders of Finnzymes Group and served as its CEO for 25 years until its acquisition by Thermo Fisher Scientific in 2010.

Mr. Tuomas Tenkanen
Board Member

Mr. Tenkanen is a business and research professional with more than 25 years of experience from leadership positions in high-tech life science companies. He serves as the CEO of Mobidiag.

Mr. Juha Kirveskari, PhD
Board Member

Dr. Kirveskari has 20 years of experience from positions in diagnostics and clinical routine work, including his former position as a Medical Specialist in the Department of Bacteriology in HUSLAB. He serves as the R&D Director of Assay Development at Mobidiag.

Mr. Hannu Syrjälä
Board Member

Mr. Syrjälä is CEO and Partner of Berggren Group, one of the leading IP law firms in Scandinavia. He has over 20 years of experience in different senior executive roles, including Head of Life Support Solutions Business in GE Healthcare, CEO and President of Tieto, one of the largest IT service providers in Europe.



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Mobidiag’s quality management system (QMS) values continuous improvement and interaction with customers and partners in order to understand their needs and exceed their expectations. We strive to deliver the best quality diagnostic products to the market, meeting the requirements and expectations of our valued customers.

Mobidiag is proud to be an ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified company. We are regularly audited against ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 standards. Our quality management systems ensure that we adhere to the highest quality principles and procedures to develop and deliver safe, high-quality products to our customers.