A turnkey solution for rapid and
sensitive on-demand testing

Novodiag is fully automated molecular testing platform for diagnostics of infectious diseases. It brings the benefits of rapid, sensitive, easy and affordable molecular diagnostics within everyone's reach.

It's unique combination of innovative technologies and features brings molecular diagnostics to a completely new era. An era where multiplex molecular testing is accessible and affordable, without compromising on performance and quality.

Please note that Novodiag is still under development and CE-IVD mark pending. Stay tuned on our latest developments.

New technologies are needed to keep up with the pace of change within the healthcare environment. The molecular diagnostics market is striving to develop solutions that are faster, more accurate, more accessible and flexible in use.

The upcoming Novodiag platform brings treatment closer to patients, enabling rapid and sensitive on-demand testing. The fully automated system is affordable and easy to use, and it provides results in just one hour. By this, it improves both patient care and safety, whilst helping to optimise patient management.

Novodiag’s key features make it an ideal complementary solution for high-throughput solutions, bringing added agility to laboratories, hospitals and other healthcare providers striving for better care. The platform opens up new opportunities for testing at the point of triage. This is also key in realizing the potential of syndromic testing.

The world of healthcare is constantly evolving and in that development, Mobidiag is determined to be a key player in the future.

Key Benefits

  • Automated ‘Sample-in, result-out’ diagnostics system enabling syndromic testing
  • Full laboratory process in disposable, sealed cartridge
  • Results in about 1 hour with minimal hands-on time
  • Random access operation for on-demand testing
  • User-friendly, intuitive touch-screen software to guide users through the process
  • Automated data analysis and reporting with LIMS connectivity
  • High multiplex capability powered by innovative patented PCR and microarray technologies
  • Benchtop, small-sized instrument
  • Four independent slots per instrument for flexibility and convenience in sample management
  • Stack up to four instruments according to your sample throughput needs

Test cartridges under development

  • Gastrointestinal infections
  • Hospital-acquired infections
  • Antibiotic resistances
  • And more to come!