Press Release: Mobidiag and Unilabs Enter into Agreement over Use of Amplidiag Product Line for Molecular Gastrointestinal Diagnostics

The agreement solidifies Unilabs’ position as an industry-leading diagnostics service provider and is a major milestone for Mobidiag in European market entry

Espoo, Finland, and Göteborg, Sweden – September 1, 2015  Mobidiag Ltd, a Finnish molecular diagnostics company specialized in the development of innovative diagnostics solutions for infectious diseases, and Unilabs, an industry-leading diagnostics service provider, today announced an agreement covering the supply of Amplidiag products over the next four years for Unilabs in Sweden and Norway.

The Amplidiag product line covers six diagnostic products for various gastrointestinal infections, including tests for gastroenteritis, carbapenem- and vancomycin-resistance screening, as well as non-invasive Helicobacter pylori testing. The product line brings a major improvement to clinical laboratory processes, patient management and infection control measures by providing sensitive, comprehensive and rapid diagnostic results.

“Molecular diagnostics is gaining traction and becoming an increasingly important tool in improving patient diagnostics”, says Helena Enroth, PhD, responsible for R&D in molecular microbiology, Unilabs Sweden. “Implementing new multiplex molecular diagnostic tools is a step forward in our efforts to continuously improve our service portfolio and meet customer demands. Mobidiag is able to offer a comprehensive suite for gastrointestinal testing, and importantly, the products meet our expectations for large-scale use.”

“We are very happy to enter into this agreement”, says Tuomas Tenkanen, CEO of Mobidiag. “It is a major step forward in our efforts to enter the European market, and a major step in bringing Amplidiag products into the high-throughput use they have been designed for. This agreement solidifies our belief that we are able to create value together with our customers by bringing affordable molecular multiplex tests into clinical laboratory routines. We are very pleased to work together with Unilabs.”

About Mobidiag

Established in 2000, Mobidiag has developed novel technologies for improving the diagnostics of infectious diseases and has served the European clinical diagnostics market with its multiplex Prove-it™ product family since 2008. In 2013, Mobidiag successfully completed a three-way merger with Genewave and Amplidiag, solidifying its position in the field of molecular diagnostics. Mobidiag’s new Amplidiag™ product line encompasses innovative multiplex diagnostic tests for gastrointestinal infections. The products utilize well-established qPCR technology, ensuring optimal performance, suitability to high-volume screening use and cost-effectiveness in mid-sized to large laboratory settings. Mobidiag is headquartered in Espoo, Finland, with a subsidiary in Paris, France.

About Unilabs

Unilabs is one of Europe’s leading providers of clinical laboratory testing and medical diagnostic imaging services to private and public healthcare providers, local governments, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies and the general public. We operate laboratory and medical diagnostic imaging facilities in 12 countries: Denmark, Finland, France, Italy, Norway, Peru, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. Our network of facilities provides us with one of the broadest geographic footprints of any clinical laboratory and medical diagnostic services provider in Europe. For more information about Unilabs, please visit



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For Unilabs:
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