Molecular Diagnostics

Mobidiag develops and provides PCR-based diagnostics for infectious diseases. Our focus are molecular diagnostic solutions for Gastrointestinal InfectionsRespiratory InfectionsAntibiotic Resistance Management, and Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs), together with ongoing development in the critical field of Sepsis.

Novodiag® is a turnkey, easy-to-use solution, providing rapid and sensitive on-demand results. This fully automated platform is ideal when time-to-result is critical. Complementing high-throughput screening solutions, Novodiag® enables immediate detection of infectious diseases directly from a single use cartridge .
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Amplidiag® is a family of diagnostic tests for mid to high-volume screening (batch testing) of infectious diseases. Each test is delivered with its dedicated software allowing easy result interpretation. Amplidiag® Easy takes the suite even further by automating the workflow from primary sample to final results.
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LifeSciences (RUO)

LifeSciences products from Mobidiag include the enzymes and master mixes developed and manufactured in-house for proprietary Amplidiag® and Novodiag® PCR-based diagnostics for infectious diseases. With Mobidiag laboratory experts accounting for more than 20 years’ experience, enjoy the quality and performance you can trust!
Please note that these products are for research use only (RUO).

Available Products:

S7 Fusion Polymerase™
Amplidiag® Multiplex PCR Master Mix